February 2020

1300 Export
Model year
Gifhorn, Germany
Viva con Agua


Here are shown just a few links of aircooled websites, which are worth seeing. You�ll find a detailed international link list at www.bugnet.de.
www.bugnet.de - das Kaefernetzwerk.
A very extensive German website with the the biggest German-language forum and private online-market for aircooled VW-enthusiasts, large register of aircooled literature, detailed international link list, and much more...
www.thesamba.com ...when your daily driver isn´t enough
An extensive website with forums, classifieds, photos, shows, information...
The Cal-Look Lounge
The forum for all Cal-Look enthusiasts around the world. The website also offers classifieds and a Top 20 of the fastest Cal-Look cars.
Der Fieser Luftkühlers VW Club
The website of the German VW club "Der Fieser Luftkühlers" with presentation of the members cars, etc.
www.LUFTKRAFT.ch - the only swiss cal look VW site
An aircooled online-magazine with lots of photos of international meetings and features of the international Cal Look scene.
Tero´s Cal Look V-dub Site
This website offers tons of meeting photos as well as features, a Cal Look wheel guide, literature list, etc.
El Dub´s OLD SCHOOL & Nostalgia VW Page
El Dub´s wonderful website with reports provided with nice photos about the legends and memorabilia of Old School Cal Look.

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